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Why I Give: Charlie Hill

VSU Charlie Hill

Asking Charlie Hill why he gives to Virginia State University might elicit a response as though you’d asked why he breathes. For, you see, to this most Loyal Son of VSU “giving forward” is as natural as the broad smile that lights up a room. For Charlie Hill, the spirit of giving is rooted in the core of his being. “I’ve built my life structure around family, health, education and service,” he explains. “It’s natural to express my spirituality in ways that assist those who need help.”

After graduating from Virginia State in 1966 with a degree in economics, Mr. Hill began his lengthy history of giving. “At first, I didn’t have any money, but I had time,” he says. “I spent that time with undergrads, helping them prepare for their future.”

Mr. Hill proudly boasts that he has rarely missed a Homecoming in 50 years. He continues to focus his financial loyalty on undergraduates in need, primarily through the University’s Tuition Assistance Fund. “If a student can’t return to school because of a small amount of money, it’s my responsibility to do something about it,” he says. “By making an immediate difference, I hope to serve as a model for others.”

To augment his annual giving, Mr. Hill recently established The Annase Wilks Hill Minerva Circle Endowment in honor of his late wife, Annase Wilks Hill, who earned bachelor and master’s degrees in microbiology from Virginia State. The Endowment will recognize in-state, VSU students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) majors.Some may be content with this history of giving, but Mr. Hill is not yet finished supporting his beloved alma mater. “I will continue to work to make a positive difference,” he says. “I will be bold and not wait for others to do it for me.”

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