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caption: Dr. LaVerne J. Briggs Welcome to Virginia State University where you are provided the opportunity to grow with us as we build a better world.

It is a wise decision that you've chosen to live in the Residence Halls. Why you might ask? Living in a residence hall is an exciting and an educational experience in community living.  You will find many opportunities to interact socially, educationally, and culturally in the halls. Do become involved in the opportunities afforded you by living in a residential community and take advantage of the programs and activities planned by you and the residence hall staff. It is hoped that you will participate in the life of the residence hall, the campus, and the community and make it a fundamental part of your educational experience.

Living in a residential community requires that you be aware of and sensitive to the needs of your fellow residents. This may require adjustment in your personal behavior, habits, and attitudes. As a member of the residence hall community, you have role and responsibility to play in helping create a living and learning environment where you reside. One of your first responsibilities as a resident is to read and become familiar with the rules and regulations of the residence halls. For that reason, a handbook has been provided so that you are cognizant of the policies and procedures governing the residence halls.

Our very professional, capable, and friendly staff is eager to work with you in making the residence halls a warm, comfortable, and inviting place for you to live. We wish you much success during this academic year.  

With Trojan Pride, 

Dr. LaVerne J. Briggs,  

Director of Residence Life

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